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Entity limits with regard to level design
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Author:  Tezz [ Wed May 10, 2006 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Entity limits with regard to level design


I was wondering if RQuake and associated server/client programs allow greater than the approximate limit of 512 entities in a Quake level? Back when I was playing with Truecoop for QuakeWorld, the entity limit was somewhat restricted in that the client would not display, perhaps via a protocol restriction or client restriction, more than a certain amount of entities.
For example, I made a Serious-Sam esque level where the player(s) stomp through lots of zergs of monsters, but about halfway through only a certain amount of monsters would be displayed, despite there obviously being more in the level (invisible attackers). I had a quick email discussion with Fuh and the author of Truecoop and it's apparently an inherent limit, rather than client design.

So what i'm basically asking is, could a level with 1000+ monsters work perfectly, assuming the hardware for server/client provides a suitable level of performance?


Author:  Baker [ Wed May 10, 2006 8:27 pm ]
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We had to cut certain maps from RQuake because they had too many entitities and wouldn't load. Maps like SM82, Moonlite Assault. So basically, monsters are a significant factor on whether or not they can be run server-side.

That being said, some of the maps that have been tested and work have nearly 250 monsters. RQuake also has a gib and dead body filter to improve performance.

I hope that was helpful.

edit = I might add, check with the mapping community at Func_Messageboard.

I know of certain monsterous maps with 400+ monsters could only be run by AguirRe's enhanced capacity Quake engine that breaks numerous limits in engine capacity.

I know over at func_msgboard they have a great degree of expertise of knowing the precise limits, concerns and such.

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