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Intro2.bsp suggestions
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Author:  Baker [ Mon Aug 14, 2006 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  Intro2.bsp suggestions

I noticed some things in ORL's intro2.bsp that would recommend be changed.

The Intro2 map has a lot of full brights in the description text. With the lighting, it doesn't look very good having pixelated full brights --- these should be removed.

One method to remove them --->

TexMex --> View -> Preferences -> Click workspace tab -> Color conversion -> Uncheck "Use Full Brites" and then reimport the source textures and this should remove the fullbrights.

My Intro.bsp may have fullbrights in the text. I can't remember if they do or don't, but my map does not have any lighting (I'm a rebel, hehe) so without lighting, there is no such thing as a fullbright.


In my opinion, the Intro2.bsp is not large enough. Intro.bsp has numerous info_player_coops. I can't remember if it is 12 or 16, but I set up so many in the event that in the future extra spawn points could be added to supported single player maps (remember we only setup 6 QuakeC'd coop points in maps, but discussed the possibility of scouting extra spawn points to 12 for all supported maps).

I checked the intro2.bsp and it only has 6 positions available. Not enough for a server that supports 12 players. Also, I have a difficult time imaging 6 players comfortably walking around on that map.

I'll do whatever you want including adding it as-is, these are just some of the things that crossed my mind when examining the map.

Author:  ORL [ Mon Aug 14, 2006 12:52 pm ]
Post subject: 

I fixed up Intro2.

There are no more fullbrights. I added 12 co-op spawn points, and 1 DM point. And I increased the distance of each walkway, making it easier to walk around.

I tried TexMex Baker, didnt like it. It seemed to be only for editing wad files. Since i create textures of my own, I want to be able to make and edit images within wad files, which Wally does this. And I dont make the images in Wally, I use another program, then touch them up and add special effects with Wally. But thats just me.

Rocketguy will give you the updated .bsp.

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