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Fart Bombs
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Author:  Ole' Hog Bowel [ Fri Aug 25, 2006 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Fart Bombs

I'm sure most of us know that farts are flammable. So how come when someone has the Human Torch rune or the Fire Walking rune and they run through a cloud of gas from a gas bomb it doesn't ignite? I think everyone within the reaches of the gas should be instantly set on fire if someone with one of these runes is in the area as well. Or if you don't have a rune, and you are using the flame-thrower or lavagun when you run through a stinky cloud of gas you will light yourself on fire. (It would be really cool if you could throw a gas bomb, then when it goes off hit it with the flame-thrower from a distance and set everyone in the area on fire).

I suppose if this would be too difficult to program, then I will just settle for the "flaming fart" rune. Hit the rune use and you are surrounded by a cloud of gas (hurts everyone but yourself, cuz you know "everyone likes the smell of their own brand"). Then you can set this area on fire with a flame weapon and everyone is set on fire.

I'll give you all a week to have this feature up and running.


'Ole Hog Bowel

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