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 Post subject: CA+ update...
PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 8:16 pm 

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I hope it's ok that I post here. I mean no disrespect to the RQ community!


This is not meant to be an attack on CAx in anyway. So, please don't take it that way. R00k did contribute with testing and some ideas for CA+. I noticed he gave me "reference material" (What ever I meant by that.. I forgot lol) for the eye cam.

I've uploaded the last version of CA+ that I worked on for the CQL in 2004...
CA+ got a bad rap because of some bugs. Those bugs were fixed but the version(s) on the servers were outdated.

At this time I'm thinking of cleaning up some code and making it open source.

I wouldn't be surprised if CAx uses some of these ideas (if they aren't implemented yet)... Since some of my ideas are in CAx

Remember these changes are from 2004 and I'm sure the Q1 community has changed its ideas of what it wants for CA.

Change log from the CQL updates:

CQL 1.4
-Moved a conditional statement that would allow the client to be an observer before they finished dying.
-Player auto-respawns after they are killed.
-Added back client viewpoint fixes when they don't have a model but now check if they are tracking someone (it would mess up the eye cam mode).
-New alias system which only sends command aliases when the client does not have them.
-Match auto-pauses when an active player lags out.
-New ghosting feature to restore players if they disconnnect. Use 'ghostcode' to get your code and 'ghost' to enter it.
-Commands 'matchstop' and 'matchstart' used to pause and unpause the match.
-The message "is currently lagged" only printed for obeservers. This has been fixed to show only for clients in the arena.

CQL 1.3
-Removed bot detection code since it's obsolete. This will save some
processing and net cycles on the server. Admins are encouraged to
run a ProQuake "cheat free" (FYI, no game can be cheat free Mr. JPG esp. an open source game) server.
-Added more damage statistics between rounds.
-Truly fixed the "firing after round is over" bug in CA.
-Improved all stats’ interfaces.
-Added kill stats which only show at the end of the match.
-Removed body queue code.
Colors don't work in GLQuake (id bug) and I never liked them in CA.
-The end of match report stats has been greatly improved.
-New eye cam mode.
Use +attack to cycle through the modes.
(Thanks to Rookie for the eye cam reference material)
-I rewrote the observer code.
Now it uses less code and is much faster over the standard CA code.

CQL 1.2
-Added 'scores' back to the 'command' list.
-Removed 'dmgstatus' since it was being exploited.
-Per round damage points are printed at the end.

CQL 1.1
-"Disabled" some more cvars that would allow clients to see through walls.
-'Scores' impulse need to be changed to 68 since impulse 69 is used for the
previous weapon feature.
-Performance is now off by default in carena.cfg.
-No longer prints how much health your opponent had when they killed you.
-Changed damage system.
It now adds up the points at the end of the round. No longer centerprints
information. No longer makes a sound when a frag is earned.
-Removed player identification.
People found a way to exploit it and now it's gone for good.

CQL 1.0
-Further improved random spawn code.
Tests show that the spawn locations are much more random. Reason why teams spawn on the red armor side of DM3 more often is because there are more spawn locations on that side (duh). I feel good about this update. =)
-Auto-removal of trigger_changelevel since it's not needed. Did this in past
mods but forgot to do this in CA+.
-Code clean ups: removed unused code and removed more lines of precached files that are not used or are precached else where (id bug).
-Fixed buttons and doors.
Due to me improperly implementing synchronized time with the server ticrate, some maps would crash the server. This bug has been here for years and I guess it goes to show you CA'ers only play DM3 (sigh).
-Rocket damage is random again. If I have interest, in the future, this will be
configurable. (Random damage is not a good design decision, IMHO).
-Added new maps: kikdm3 and x-pulse2.
-Added ProQuake 3.50 server-side variables to the autoexec.cfg for you admins who are too lazy to read the manual.
-Getting familiar with QC again. Haha.

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