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Running your own Quake Server
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Author:  Mr.Burns [ Sat Jan 18, 2020 7:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Running your own Quake Server

Hi there
Whilst playing on Shmack this evening I was asked a question by a regular player along the lines of "how do you set up a quake server?" To try and help that player get started I would suggest first getting a simple Quake server running locally on your machine. Please bare in mind that there are a number of ways to do this but perhaps the first step is to try and run a dedicated Quake server locally on your PC and see if you can connect to it and play. As a quick proof of concept I did the following:

Test Rig: 1 Windows 7 PC with the Ip address of, with quake installed in d:\quake and proquake installed in a sub directory called proquake
  1. Created a text file in notepad called myserver.bat
  2. Pasted in the following command -
    glpro_latest.exe -noipx -bpp 32 -winmem 128 -game proquake -dedicated -ip
    and then save the file.
  3. I then ran the myserver.bat batch file and a command prompt window appeared with numerous messages related to packfiles (this is a good sign).
  4. Now to test it, I ran my regular quake engine (proquake), dropped in to console and typed
    and I was presented with the start map.
  5. To make sure I was connected to the server and not the current quake session I tabbed out of quake and could see a message stating that I had successfully connected to the local Quake Server. Having proved the server was accepting connections I then quit my Quake game.
  6. To end the test I clicked in the command prompt window running the server and typed quit.

Once you are comfortable running a basic Quake server we could try running a mod and perhaps putting in on a dedicated machine ;)
I hope this may be helpful but please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards

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