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 Post subject: Play RuneQuake single player against the Monsters with Hook
PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 12:50 am 

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Original thread: ... cussion=30

I am but a lowly dog-killer. I enjoy the unfair fight. Killing helpless dogs with a Death Orb.


Single Player Against The Monsters

You can play single player RuneQuake against the monsters. Follow the download instructions below.

Playing against the monsters is fun to do a few times. I especially like to use the following runes against the monsters:

# Gravity Well

# Rune of Repulsion

# Human Torch

Using the Gravity Well is fun, especially over water or slime. You can use Repulsion to push the monsters into lava or slime, also fun. Setting bad guys on fire is also entertaining.

Play the Game the Way it was NEVER meant to be played

If you "play fair" against the monsters and play at a high difficulty setting, the game will still be challenging even with runes.

With the included download, you will also have:

1) Free hook!
2) No rune drop delay!
3) Tons of Runes scattered around the level!
4) The EXITS work!
5) You can PAUSE the game!
6) You can give yourself a rune using impulses!

Some of these sound like "uh, no shit". I included these so anyone who has played against the monsters in the distant past and had problems because they configged wrong knows this download is configged for optimal play.

Also, remember you can use alternate weapons against the monsters.

# The BFG

# Flame Thrower

# Bombs

# etc, etc


To play against the monsters using Runes:

1) Download this file: Zipped File You Need Click Here
2) Find your Quake folder
3) Extract the downloaded file into the \quake\runes folder
# Your unzip program should make the folder for you

4) Start Quake like this ...

c:\quake\quake -game runes (or however you do it)

Now you are ready to kill monsters with Runes!!

Remember back when these were what people meant by cheating? You might want them when you play the monsters ... GOD and IMPULSE 9 (give all weapons)

Chuck's intermission was ... wrote:
And don't forget. When all else fails, give yourself god-mode and the kamikaze rune and have a blast! Lol, Blast! Get it! Ahhh nevermind, it's too damn early for this shit. I'm goin to bed.


Cheat Impulses against Monsters wrote:
Give yourself any rune you want using these impulses:

alias rn-health impulse 101
alias rn-regen impulse 102
alias rn-resist impulse 103
alias rn-haste impulse 104
alias rn-enviro impulse 105
alias rn-fly impulse 106
alias rn-berserk impulse 107
alias rn-recall impulse 108
alias rn-zap impulse 109
alias rn-cloak impulse 110
alias rn-bomb impulse 111
alias rn-dspots impulse 112
alias rn-holo impulse 113
alias rn-orb impulse 114
alias rn-blink impulse 115
alias rn-camo impulse 116
alias rn-jump impulse 117
alias rn-ammo impulse 118
alias rn-vamp impulse 119
alias rn-shield impulse 120
alias rn-strength impulse 121
alias rn-radio impulse 122
alias rn-switch impulse 123
alias rn-freeze impulse 124
alias rn-suck impulse 125
alias rn-twalk impulse 126
alias rn-impact impulse 127
alias rn-veng impulse 128
alias rn-shub impulse 129
alias rn-repel impulse 130
alias rn-phase impulse 131
alias rn-shamb impulse 132
alias rn-dual impulse 133
alias rn-weird impulse 134
alias rn-phoenix impulse 135
alias rn-cloud impulse 136
alias rn-firewalk impulse 137
alias rn-hook impulse 138
alias rn-athlete impulse 139
alias rn-lumber impulse 140
alias rn-zombie impulse 141
alias rn-piercing impulse 142
alias rn-selfpres impulse 143
alias rn-monk impulse 144
alias rn-torch impulse 145
alias rn-pack-rat impulse 146
alias rn-lithium-hook impulse 147

I spent a great deal of time using Impulse 124 trying to figure out how to freeze secret doors shut using the Ice Rune on level E1M1, the Slipgate Complex.

Rune impulses come in handy when you have an idea that you want to test.

Also, just some weird info: Zombies don't seem to be able to hurt you when playing RuneQuake against the monsters.

This is likely RuneQuake version 0.5x (somewhere around there).

_________________ = RQ, 26001 = Rocket Arena, 26002 = Vote-Anything, Rockets/jet/7 runes, RQ on E1M7
http://www.GameStatus.Net stats, http://www.GameAholic.Net Q1 servers

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 10:31 am 
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You can enable the monsters in any version of Rune Quake, though it may take bit of extra work. Slot where do you keep all the monster's function definations? Shouldn't they be in another file?

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 1:58 pm 
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omg.. thank you so much for adding this! Now my daughter can play again.. I had to make her stop as you all were making her soooooo mad.. ;Þ Ha. the temperment of a child. Imagine that. ;Þ

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2003 9:04 pm 
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I modified single-player artifact quake a long time ago and added a hook and made the monsters strafe and fire random weapons at you. Wish I knew what I did with that.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2003 10:10 pm 
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Chuck please find it????

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