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joequake pro 1.5 issues
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Author:  yellow#5 [ Wed May 04, 2005 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  joequake pro 1.5 issues

If you guys missed it, this thread in the developers forum is about some odd behavior from sputnikah's jqpro 1.5, most notably freezing when the server switches to team mode (on shmack port 02).

I'm also experience a lot of gamma weirdness in both jq and jqpro. For example, sometimes when I start jq or jqpro the gamma is very dark. Once I pick up something, or take damage, it changes to normal. Or if while playing I get an IM or a mail notification pops up, gamma goes dark. Again I have to pick something up or take damage, or sometimes I need to go to options menu and as soon as I nudge gamma either way it snaps out of weird dark mode. And when I quit joeqauke, about half the time my system gamma is too bright and washed out. As soon as I click on the color tab in display properties > settings > advanced, it goes back to normal. I use an ati radeon card btw.

Also sputnikah, if you do further updates to jqpro, can you make a link to just the .exe so it's possible to just download that when upgrading?

Stuff I'd love to see in jq/jqpro ;):
Fast connect to servers like proquake (or does it take longer due to loading lots of textures and such for the map being played?)
Lg bolt casting blue light, like was being discussed a while ago.
I like the way that pressing tab in console part way through typing a command displays all potential commands, but there's no way to know commands specific to the server as they aren't displayed.
Flies around dead bodies would be cool.


Author:  sputnikutah [ Tue May 10, 2005 11:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

the gamma issue may be your gfx card...?
which model/brand do you have. I use a Nvidia geforece4 Ti 4200, which is what i use to test as i code.
here's a list of features that I have added since the last update

md3 support on all alias models
shadows for .md3 models
stencil shadows for all alias models
variable density on shadows based on surounding light (dynamically gets darker)
optimized sparks on lg contact
optimized r_fastsky, r_fastturb
gl_textureless mode to strip down all wall texures to basic color (saves about 50fps)
coronas support
a slew of optimizations...
sometimes ill add 10 things and forget to change the version number ;P

I'll have to test scmack on port 02 for that freeze bug.....

Author:  sputnikutah [ Tue May 10, 2005 11:59 pm ]
Post subject: 

ok went to
vote-team.. no crash
even warped to dm3 afterwards no crash

so, not sure
what is the problem....

my msn is if u have MESSENGER add me and get ahold of me
I can send u updates faster thant the crappy freewebs site ;P

Author:  sputnikutah [ Fri May 13, 2005 5:24 am ]
Post subject: 

ok foudn the problem

this variable is DEFAULTed to 1, runequake doesnt like that and the engine conflicts...
easiest sollution, set pq_teamscores to 0

Author:  Slot Zero [ Fri May 13, 2005 5:56 am ]
Post subject: 

The pq_teamscores command enables/disables the team scores in the HUD. This is a feature specific to the ProQuake engine and when enabled and utilized by the mod, the top two team scores (and colors) will appear in the HUD rather than the top 2 player scores/colors. Rune Quake takes advantage of this feature, so pq_teamscores 1 is recommended-- just not in the latest version of JQP.

Author:  sputnikutah [ Mon May 16, 2005 2:35 am ]
Post subject: 

Ya, I'm not to sure what pq_teamscores does, that +teamscores does not.
On rune or crmod, using +teamscores shows the top 2 teamnames/score
pq_teamscores doesnt do anything? Or am i missing this?

Author:  Slot Zero [ Mon May 16, 2005 5:21 am ]
Post subject: 

The pq_teamscores command enables/disables the team scores in the HUD (see picture in ). The feature isn't active unless you're in match mode (CRMod 'match') or team mode (RQ 'vote-team').

The +teamscores command isn't part of the engine but it works just like +showscores except it shows the team name and the frag totals (and it's not affected by pq_teamscores).

Author:  sputnikutah [ Mon May 16, 2005 11:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

Yes i understand, i was just wondering the need for pq_teamsdcores, if +teamscore is supported. I dont get any crashes or hangs, with jqpro and pq_teamscores 1 on crmod or crctf, only with rq1.0, in vote-team. so im wondering why and if its worth keeping anyways.....

Author:  Baker [ Tue May 17, 2005 12:17 am ]
Post subject: is non-cheat-free CRMOD server; I'll see if I can find someone to go there and set team mode for testing this. cl_sbar 1 + pq_teamscores 1 + teams = problem on shmack:26002

It would be very nice if the pq_teamscores worked in JQPro, if in fact there is something wrong with it.

The RuneQuake mod is become much more flexible supporting many types of play on a single server (runeless, teams, arena, match-mode down the pipeline I hope, hook or hookless, etc). Due the ability to support so many different styles of play, it can make one server useful for several types of games.

Author:  Baker [ Tue May 17, 2005 12:45 am ]
Post subject: 

Yellow and I went to

I typed cl_sbar 1 and pq_teamscores 1 in console and crashed hard. JQPro frozen, my computer ran out of memory.

Btw, the cool thing about pq_teamscore 1 is that it shows the team score total without having to press anything in ProQuake; it's simply visible making one aware of the score.


RuneCentral is a big pusher/promoter of JoeQuake and JQPro (especially Yellow No. 5 and Hydrosmoke), there is widespread awareness of JoeQuake by RQ'ers that participate in any of the major RQ forums. (, the recently defunct site,, and obviously here)

Can the pq_teamscore thing really be that hard to fix? I'm no coder but that seems like one of the less complicated features in ProQuake.

The reason I'm asking is that ProQuake and JoeQuake are really the only 2 worthwhile clients IMHO and I think it'd suck if to use JoeQuake Pro requires losing the team score awareness functionality. I have enough binds and since pq_teamscore is 1 by default in ProQuake, newbies don't have to learn anything to see the team score totals.

[/begging Sputnikah to fix it instead of kill it]

Author:  sputnikutah [ Sat May 28, 2005 2:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ok, its fixed, cl_sbar 1, and pq_teamscores 1 will work in team mode on runequake now. Forgot the actual line of code that was the cuplrit but atleast it works.
Also pq_showscorboardpings is fubar, not sure if its the msg parse or what...
will attempt to cleanup /fix a new version 1.52 this week...

Author:  Baker [ Sat May 28, 2005 3:21 pm ]
Post subject: 

Great, glad to hear it.

Yellow told me you had fixed it and that he had a copy of a fixed version, but that some sort of pings in +showscores issue remained.

Btw, do you have CRCTF 3.3x source code or makefiles (or whatever those CRMOD style mods use to make the progs.datt), the CRCTF site at is dead. I'd like to find a home for that mods code/info so isn't lost forever.

Author:  Baker [ Sat May 28, 2005 4:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ah, hell ... I'm going to go for the "Fully Monty" (err ... whatever, LOL)

A. Your JoeQuake spin-off needs a home for the client download and the source. The best place would be here, if you take Slot up on his offer.

This has long been a stable site and would make a good home for the download and it's where everyone comes for JoeQuake questions.

B. I and most are not so familiar with the CRMOD style mods that don't use the typical qc files to make the mod. Do you have the capability to take the CRCTF code and ...


1. Make rune-delete command as an automatic alias for whatever the rune drop impulse is (since the CRCTF site is dead, I have no clue what the impulse is.))

2. Speed up the "fast hook" to speed 2500.

3. Then compile it ;)


1. Substitute v_spike.mdl with a regular nail

(end of hook voreball, this model is in pak1.pak, not shareware compatible)

2. Subsitute end2.mdl, end3.mdl and end4.mdl with end1.mdl

(those runes models are in pak1.pak, not shareware compatible)

3. Eliminate sound warning messages for shareware Quake

Change sound/boss2/pop.wav to some sound found in pak0.pak

Eliminate or substitute these sounds with something found in pak0.pak
Couldn't load sound/fish/bite.wav
Couldn't load sound/blob/land1.wav
Couldn't load sound/hknight/slash1.wav

4. Remove ability to warp to E2Mx, E3Mx, E4Mx, DMx maps and make it so those maps don't come up by rotation.

5. Then compile it ;)

I have built a shareware Quake easy installer. Actually, I have built several easy installers (JoeQuake, ProQuake, other things) and I'll build one for JoeQuake Pro too when you are ready for the next release.

It would be nice to have a shareware compatible CRCTF to put on a server so that anyone using the shareware Quake easy installer + ProQuake easy installer + JoeQuake easy installer would have multiplayer servers it could be used on.

If you have the ability and interest to do this, let me know. Trying to increase inter-server bind compatibility (that always scares newbies away) and would like to have some shareware compatible mods to gate in new Quake player that we tempt with a "Download and Play in 5 minutes" banner that we lure with JoeQuake screenshots (hehe).

Author:  sputnikutah [ Sun May 29, 2005 3:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

A. Your JoeQuake spin-off needs a home for the client download and the source. The best place would be here, if you take Slot up on his offer.

Hmm, yellow has been motivating me in that direction. I have started work on a single page and cleaning up some code...

1. Make rune-delete command as an automatic alias for whatever the rune drop impulse is (since the CRCTF site is dead, I have no clue what the impulse is.))

Actually, dropping runes is impulse 19, Threewave compatible
For instance anyone can acheive the same thing, if u create .cfg files.
Like rune.cfg, ra.cfg, ctf.cfg and add aliases as u choose with appropriate impulses. The server uses 1 alias "ignorethis" as a check to see if a player has bindings. If ignorethis returns with a valid impulse then the server thinks the player has correct binds. If not it stuffs aliases to the player.
If Runequake thinks the player already has binds loaded after a player plays at a CTF server, then some aliases my not be recognized.

2. Speed up the "fast hook" to speed 2500.

The speed is the rate of the PULL velocity of the hook, default is 1000(FAST). Slow is 800. I suppose it could be possible to have hook-fire-speed and hook-pull-speed votable.

Actually a shareware server would be usefull.
Hmm but how does runequake favor this? You can find a full version of quake on the net just as easy as the shareware

A simple mod could be made for a shareware server, but stripping down the existing ctf mod would seem useless to current players.
Maybe just a small gameplay and 1 rune, hmm maybe call it ELEMENT,
as in a first starting point. hmm /me thinks...

Author:  Baker [ Sun May 29, 2005 8:09 pm ]
Post subject: 

Sput, we can promote and distribute the shareware version of Quake and gate in some new players. With a free download and some servers that support it, we can lure some new players to try the game. It's easier to get them hooked and then motivated to get a registered version on EBay than the reverse.

Alas, we need some servers that will be guaranteed to allow a shareware client to connect to execute this idea, and some progs.dat for those that run the servers to use, of course.

The concept is "Download and play in 5 minutes".

I sent you a private message to a location where you can read more, and if you like, participate in the molding of this project.

A RuneQuake that is shareware compatible is easily possible , a Hating style CTF (4 rune) is a little more difficult considering the apparent absence of the source code anywhere plus if it is like CRMOD, there are less capable of working with it.

We'll talk more or IM.

Of course, a main goal is that new shareware players will eventually spill over onto the the main servers.

[A secondary goal is getting people to use clients like ProQuake or JoeQuake that are immunized against the Cannot Connect to Server problem that plagues the ID Software executables --- any DSL/Cable modem with router capability or software firewall can stop those users cold in their tracks.]

Author:  sputnikutah [ Tue May 31, 2005 4:57 am ]
Post subject: 

that 'Cannon connect" error is cause they dont have the -ip parameter that passes the ip to the socket

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