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Clean Screenshot Screen Alias For JoeQuake = In This Post
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Author:  Baker [ Wed Aug 17, 2005 1:49 am ]
Post subject:  Clean Screenshot Screen Alias For JoeQuake = In This Post

When taking a screenshot of a map, mod, texture example, etc ... often you want to a clean screenshot ...

I was going to put in a "someday maybe" feature request for JoeQuake, but as it turns out, it's possible to do with an alias:

JoeQuake Clean Screenshot Alias wrote:
alias cleanscreenshot "r_drawviewmodel 0; scr_printstats 0; con_notifylines 0; crosshairalpha 0; viewsize 120; wait; wait; wait; screenshot; crosshairalpha .4; con_notifylines 4; scr_printstats 1; r_drawviewmodel 1"

bind F11 cleanscreenshot


Works like a charm! Instants restores everything. (Provided you aren't using funky settings.)


r_drawviewmodel  // when 0, does not display your weapon
scr_printstats // the top right time in level display
con_notifylines 0 //  The top couple of lines saying "You got nails" .. set to 0 and they aren't displayed (Default = 4)
crosshairalpha // When set 0 to zero, you effectively have no crosshair. 
viewsize // 100 = normal; 120 = show no HUD

I did crosshairalpha 0 instead of crosshair 0 intentionally. Since crosshair 1,2,3,4,5,6 are different ones and you can use a custom one, this avoids having to know what crosshair was previously being used. Crosshairalpha is unavailable in Win JoeQuake (substitute crosshair 0).

By doing using an alias similar to the one above, you can also take successive screenshots without getting "WROTE JOEQUAKE001.TGA" as part of the picture.

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