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Reference: JoeQuake folder structure (plus where to find)
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Author:  Baker [ Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Reference: JoeQuake folder structure (plus where to find)


c:\quake                      Where joequake-gl.exe and joequake.exe go!
c:\quake                      Where dzip.exe and fmod.dll go!
c:\quake\joequake             Where joequake pak0.pak (with the flame0.mdl in it) go
c:\quake\joequake             Where demos and screenshots you made will appear

dzip.exe (dzip page) allows JoeQuake to play .dz compressed Quake demo files.
fmod.dll is for Nehahra (Nehahra page), a Quake expansion episode


Everything here can also go in c:\quake\id1 instead of c:\quake\joequake if you choose. The advantage of quake\id1 is that other engines can use the files, so it's just 1 install. The advantage of c:\quake\joequake is that you are doing all your customization in a single folder.

c:\quake\joequake\env         Skyboxes (loadsky command to load)
c:\quake\joequake\gfx         Console graphics (menu, console backgrounds, etc.)
c:\quake\joequake\progs       Models (v_rock2.mdl, for example)
c:\quake\joequake\textures    24 Bit Textures
c:\quake\joequake\lits        Colored lights (.lit)
..OR c:\quake\id1\maps\lits   Colored lights (.lit)

Skyboxes -- loaded with loadskybox --- can be found various places, here are 3 sources:

Weapon models, a couple of sources:


(Note, if the weapons are in a pak file, rename the new pak as the next unused number in sequence in your joequake folder, like pak1.pak or pak2.pak. If you don't want all the weapons or don't want to be using pak files, you can use Pak Explorer which can be obtained from QuakeTerminus's Tools Section (top file listed).)

Characters sets -- loaded with loadcharset. Beware, if the charset is 512 x 512, use a 50% console resolution as in c:\quake\joequake-gl.exe -width 640 -height 320 -conwidth 320 -conheight 240 otherwise the characters won't be displayed nice and neat. If the character set is 1024x1024, use 25% console resolution. One great source:

Colored lights (.lit), one source for colored lights: (it's in WinRAR format)

c:\quake\joequake\textures             // general textures (any map, water, lava, ..)
c:\quake\joequake\textures\bmodels     // brush model textures (.bsp files like ammo boxes)
c:\quake\joequake\textures\charsets    // custom character sets (loadcharset to load)
c:\quake\joequake\textures\models      // textures for alias models (backpacks, monsters, weapons)
c:\quake\joequake\textures\particles   // smoke, rocket trails, etc.
c:\quake\joequake\textures\wad         // hud elements (aka statusbar)
c:\quake\joequake\textures\(map name)  // textures to use for a specific map
c:\quake\joequake\textures\dm6         // textures in this folder would only be used for DM6

Note: JoeQuake does not support the textures/exmy folder or textures/dmx folder.


As a rule of thumb, this is the model name with a "_0.png" or "_0.tga" on the end. A nice reference for the model names is at: ... lated.html

armor_0.png               Green Armor
armor_1.png               Yellow Armor
armor_2.png               Red Armor
b_g_key_0.png             Big Gold Key
b_s_key_0.png             Big Silver Key
backpack_0.png            Backpack
boss_0.png                Chthon ?
demon_0.png               Fiend
dog_0.png                 Dog
enforcer_0.png            Enforcer
fish_0.png                Rot Fish
g_light_0.png             Ground, Lightning Gun
g_nail_0.png              Ground, Nail Gun
g_nail2_0.png             Ground, Super Nail Gun
g_rock_0.png              Ground, Grenade Launcher
g_rock2_0.png             Ground, Rocket Launcher
g_shot_0.png              Ground, Super Shot Gun
grenade_0.png             Grenade
h_demon_0.png             Head of a Fiend
h_dog_0.png               Head of a Dog
h_ogre_0.png              Head of a Ogre
h_mega.png                Head of an Enforcer
h_player_0.png            Head of a Player
h_wizard_0.png            Head of a Scrag
h_zombie_0.png            Head of a Zombie
h_knight_0.png            Head of a Knight
knight_0.png              Hell Knight
missile_0.png             Rocket
ogre_0.png                Ogre
oldone_0.png              Shub-Niggurath
player_0.png              Player (!)
s_spike_0.png             Spike
shalrath_0.png            Shalrath
shambler_0.png            Shambler
soldier_0.png             Grunt
spike_0.png               Spike
tarbaby_0.png             Spawn (aka Blue blob monster)
v_axe_0.png               View model, Axe
v_light_0.png             View model, Lightning Gun
v_nail_0.png              View model, Nail Gun
v_nail2_0.png             View model, Super Nail Gun
v_rock_0.png              View model, Grenade Launcher
v_rock2_0.png             View model, Rocket Launcher
v_shot_0.png              View model, Shotgun
v_shot2_0.png             View model, Super Shot Gun
wizard_0.png              View model, Scrag
zombie_0.png              View model, Zombie

Other notes:

1. JoeQuake can use either .png or .tga files as textures.
2. The above information applies to QRack too, and where you see "quake\joequake" just substitute "quake\qrack".
3. Most of the above can be found in Yellow No. '5 Textures pack (monster skins, textures, weapon mdls, etc) and other sources.
4. For textures and other similar items, there are threads in this forum with those. Usually Texture is in the title of the thread, for instance.
5. The player model can have a 24 bit skin, but gl_nocolors 1 must be used and this means that opposing players will not have different colors.

Author:  Canadian*Sniper [ Tue Oct 11, 2005 11:35 am ]
Post subject: 

pssst, I think Baker is alittle fed up with all our newb questions on textures and stuff :twisted:

Great Reference Baker. Don't forget that you can actually bypass the gl_nocolors 1 by using QME. I'm using the q3ranger skin. If anyone knows of another skin similar to the quake soldier, let me know. The q3ranger is kinda sketchy looking with bright red or blue colours :P

Author:  Baker [ Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

Canadian*Sniper wrote:
pssst, I think Baker is alittle fed up with all our newb questions on textures and stuff :twisted:

Nah. Actually, I'm like Ranger.

I believe things should be thoroughly documented and that information should be readily available and decided that some of those questions were a good enough reason to spend a few minutes and get information better organized.

Joszef has done a great job documenting things and combined with information derived how Yellow organized his texture pack, I wanted to consolidate the info into a single post and make it accessible for everyone.

Author:  Canadian*Sniper [ Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

10 bucks, that in the next day, someone asks for help anyways without looking at the post :lol:

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